Author & Illustrator
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Marianne Dubuc studied Graphic Design at the University of Québec
in Montréal. Her amazing international success started with her
second and third titles
« Devant ma maison » and “The Carnival
of the animals”
and she's been continuing to amaze children (and
adults alike!) with wonderful projects since! Her books are now
in 31 languages around the world! Marianne has a son
Leon whose name she chose because it means "Noel" when
reversed and an adorable daughter Clara. Once she will have sold
another few bestselling titles, she is planing to buy a crystal castle
and live peacefully there with her children and partner, Mathieu
Lavoie, author & illustrator and co-founder of Publishing house
Comme Des Geants(Quebec). You can view
HERE all her titles,
including a complete list of foreign rights sold.
The Verok Agency is thrilled to be representing international acclaimed Marianne Dubuc, author and illustrator from Quebec!
Don't hesitate to contact us should you want to know more about her work or are thinking of her for one of your future titles or projects....